happy sunday friends!!  this look is one of my absolute favorites and one that i recreate over and over all year round.  yes, i wear leather in the summer, it's perfectly normal, but a little bit easier in the less sticky months.  sweaters are also a year round staple for me, but especially when they come in the ever so versatile sleeveless style.  this one is perfect!!!  it's light and soft and easy to layer and so very stylish.  i have been blessed with a little extra in the tush, so i almost always opt for sweaters with some form of a slit.  in the front, down the back, or in this case, both sides, making it fall without all that clingy bunching that i hate so much.  i mean, really tho, who likes a tight sweater??  or any tight top for that matter.  unless it's a onesie, or meant to be tucked in, i'm just really not into it.  i actually buy most of my tops at least 1 size up just because i always think baggier is better.  my pants on the other hand, i usually buy one size too small, because i'm a glutton for punishment i suppose and i can't stand it when they bag out.  ok, so anyway, back to this go-to look of mine; leather, check! basic top, check!  denim jacket, check!!!  true story, i keep a denim jacket in my car always!!  you can literally make pajamas look cool with a denim jacket.  and this one is actually a goodwill score that i continue to collect vintage pins for.  it's over-sized and original and one of my most prized possessions.  next up is the shoe sitch; leather pants are sexy enough, why not kick up the style with some fresh sneaks!!  i will wear heels, but more times than not, i'm grabbing for the sneakers because they're just way more comfortable and instantly up your cool points.  i love these little tassels and of course they're super comfy.  and lastly, every look needs a great cross-body!!  truthfully, this has become my go-to look because it spares no expense on fashion, while simultaneously being oh so easy for running around with munchkins which is the epitome of every perfect outfit in my book.  have a great week babes!!!  


BOUTIQUE TO YOU artesia turtleneck c/o
UNNOWN veronica slide c/o
VERA BRADLEY twice as nice crossbody c/o


mock turtles and mini skirts FTW, am i right??  actually, i wore a tank top and mom jeans today, but if i hadn't been running around target with munchkins, i would've totally worn this outfit today, because it was beautiful outside!!!  and i have a fresh spray tan and i live for any excuse to wear a turtleneck, because i'm obsessed with this little faux bob effect that it has on my hair :))  and this blush pink is probably my all time favorite color, because, yes, i am a girl at heart.


oh hello there cyber monday!!!  so, yes i know, this is one of the very few times that we welcome monday with open arms, but honestly, aren't we all shopped out yet??  i feel like i've been on a shopping marathon since wednesday, and i just don't know if i have it in me to go another round.  so instead of flooding you with all the best sales, which, honestly, i'm sure you can figure out for yourselves, i'm going to bring you some good ole fashion style and lucky for you, IT IS cyber monday so its all on sale!!


ok ok, today's the day!!! it's officially ok to blast the christmas tunes and start putting presents under the tree and drink eggnog until your hearts content!!! oh yea, and then there's the matter of black friday!! which i know is why you're all here anyway, so here we go! i've rounded up the best sales below from the brands and stores i actually shop! i am currently shopping these sites myself, so i will update this post with anything super cute i may find!!! and be sure to stop by tomorrow for the best of small biz saturday! gotta support the local makers and shakers, right?!! happy shopping babes!!!


happy thanksgiving babes!!!!  i hope you're all knuckles deep in turkey and pumpkin pie by now!  we are officially starting the never ending feast at noon and i am sure to be stuffing my face until the new year!!  holiday desserts are the best thing ever!!!!!!!!  so, speaking of holidays, i know tomorrow is kindof a big one for all my shopping comrades, so check back tonight around midnight when i post everything i will be shopping for tomorrow!!  and if you can't wait til then, you can shop this romper (and everything else at TOBI) for 50% off!!